About Us

I've always loved everything about fashion - from the bold prints, vibrant colors, different fabric textures, and the endless style trends. My goal is to create timeless clothing that reflects my two personalities. I was born Nicole, Nikki, however is my playful side (my alter ego). Nicole's style: the maturing woman finding herself and her sense of self, through style. A structured young woman, with class. Nikki's style: the maturing young woman who entertains thoughts of who she wants to be. The risk-taker, who wants to see herself (re) vamped. I don't focus on any particular " style"...Nikki vs Nicole is a brand based on how I'm feeling, where I've been and where I'm going in life. My designs are wearable works of art, imagined by my soul, influenced by my life.  If you desire to walk in, make a bold beautifully crafted statement and smile as you leave behind your best impression ever, Choose Nikki vs Nicole!